Our Philosophy

Vision: Creating New Beauty For Our Home Planet™
Mission: To fulfill the Vision we will:

  1. Create outstanding lighting systems by using formula GVA Lighting product = Light + Art + Science + Technology
  2. Contribute to the society and human well being by creating 1,000 landmark, signature architectural lighting projects worldwide in cooperation with the best lighting designers and architects around the world
  3. Contribute to health of our planet by offering products and technologies for saving energy and natural resources
  4. Create and maintain outstanding team by continuous learning, training and developing current personnel and inviting new outstanding talents from Canada and around the globe
  5. Maintain corporate culture based on core values of GVA Lighting: passion and enthusiasm; individual creativity and teamwork; professionalism; honesty; respect customers and suppliers; friendly work environment and care to employees
  6. Create successful business structure and processes to secure stability, growth and prosperity of GVA Lighting. We need to generate sustained profit to reinvest into larger projects, contribute more into our team and society
  7. Safe entrepreneurship spirit while growing as a corporation. Combine mobility, flexibility and openness for opportunities with innovative management, corporate discipline and individual responsibility


  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Individual creativity and teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Business Integrity
  • Respect customers and suppliers
  • Friendly work environment and care to employees
Vladimir Grigorik

Word From the Owner

Dear Architect, Lighting Designer, Engineer, Agent, Distributor, Contractor, Owner, Reader,
Every day, thousands of lighting manufacturers around the world are developing new and exciting products for you. However, this abundance of choice also introduces complexity: you worry how to make sure that the product you choose, specify, install, and pay for will perform as promised, will be delivered on time, and offer the customization and flexibility to match your demands. That is a tough problem, but we think GVA can help you meet all of the above.

So what is GVA all about? What sets GVA apart from the rest?  
GVA is Creation
Our motto is “Creating New Beauty For Our Home Planet™”, which is a goal we meet by helping create landmark, signature architectural lighting projects worldwide, in cooperation with the best architects and lighting designers. We like exploring the unchartered waters of new ideas and methods.  

GVA is Engineering Excellence
We design our luminaires to be the best in the world. We are not afraid of the unconventional, and we thrive on solving great engineering challenges.

GVA is Art. We believe in unifying art and engineering: great industrial design goes hand in hand with technical excellence.

GVA is End-to-End Control We design, manufacture, and market the products from inception to end. In-house production guarantees quality, shorter lead times, lower cost and greater flexibility. In-house engineering guarantees quick customization and feedback cycles to help us meet the demands of your specific application.

GVA is Great Team. We are an exceptional and a talented team who believe in the same GVA vision, and share the same GVA values. The passion and enthusiasm of our team is contagious, and it has helped us attract great talent, partners, and clients. We sincere go the extra mile for our customers, and we hope you can be one of them in the future.

This website is the right place not only  to learn about our current products, but also our activities and news. We are always in the process of perfecting the existing products and creating the new ones. We know that many of your projects have special requirements, and we would be happy to share our expertise, knowledge and know-how with you. Whatever project you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make it happen.

After all, anything is possible, and it is only a question of time and priorities.

Please don’t forget that GVA thrives on Creation, Engineering Excellence, Art, Design, End-to-End Control, and Great Teamwork.

Sincerely yours,


Vladimir Grigorik Owner / President

Facts About GVA

Legal Name GVA Lighting, Inc.
Jurisdiction Ontario, Canada
Type Private Canadian Controlled Corporation
Founded March 04, 1997
Founder / Owner Vladimir Grigorik
Core Business Design and manufacturing of innovative, high-end, specification grade Solid State Lighting Systems
Prime Markets Architectural and Commercial LED Lighting
Geographic Markets Global
Subsidiaries GVA Lighting Europe Limited (London, UK)
Vision Create New Beauty For Our Home Planet™
Membership IALD-LIRC, EMERGE Alliance
In LED Business Since 2000
R&D Capability Outstanding in house engineering team, lighting lab, prototyping-equipment


**We do not participate in the recent trend in the artificial pumping patent portfolio. From our point of view, a patent should meet following basic criteria for patentability:

  • The invention must show novelty (be the first in the world).
  • It must show utility (be functional and operative).
  • It must show inventive ingenuity and not be obvious to someone skilled in that area.

Not all patents, meet first and third criteria.


GVA Lighting trademark portfolio includes the following Marks registered in Canada and/or other countries:

GVA Logos


Product Logos


GVA Lighting is dedicated to creating and maintaining an outstanding team via continuous learning, training and development of our current personnel and the hiring of outstanding talent from across Canada and around the globe.

We are constantly looking for professionals who can contribute to our success and who share our values: passion and enthusiasm, individual creativity, teamwork, professionalism, honesty, respect for customers and suppliers, maintaining a friendly work environment and care for fellow employees.

Due to the rapid growth of the company, candidates have an excellent opportunity to pursue a career in the direction of their choosing.

We work with colleges and universities for co-op and graduate placement. We welcome young specialists who compensate lack of experience with passion and enthusiasm.

GVA Lighting does business in a first-class manufacturing and office facility, built in 2008, with a clean, stylish work environment and up-to-date office equipment. We offer a competitive salary and health care benefits program.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our dynamic team, please contact us directly by submitting your resume to hr@gvalighting.com.

Current openings

Chemical Process Engineer

Customer Service Representative

   If your specialty is not among our current openings, but you want to express your interest in working for GVA Lighting, please send your resume for future consideration.

We cannot promise to answer every application. Please do not call us to follow up. We will contact you if your application is of interest. Please note we do not work with employment agencies.

GVA Lighting is committed to providing inclusive, barrier free services and workplaces. We will accommodate the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities during the recruitment process. Should you require accommodation, please advise the person who contacts you and we will work with you to meet your needs.

AODA- IASR Customer Service Policy

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